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Investigator of Secret Service prostitution scandal also linked to prostitution

October 29, 2014
Carol Leonnig, David Nakamura | The Washington Post
An official at the Department of Homeland Security who investigated the Secret Service’s prostitution scandal in 2012 resigned in August after allegedly being questioned about whether he had hired a prostitute in Florida, the New York Times reported Tuesday.
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Bad Habits

October 27, 2014
John Dickerson | Slate Magazine
For a short time, there was a feeling, shared by Republicans and Democrats, that Medicare and Social Security were losing their power as third rails in American politics.
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Voter ID Laws, Florida's Fan Debate, Cell Phone Privacy & Operation Inherent Resolve

October 17, 2014
Supreme Court rules on voting rights and Charlie Crist's traveling fan

Obama Names Ebola Czar, Economic Recovery Anxiety, Midterm Debates and ISIS Movement

October 17, 2014
Will the new Ebola Czar help contain panic and fears about the virus?
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Lawmakers call health agencies to account for Ebola mistakes

October 17, 2014
Growing anxiety over Ebola in the U.S. prompted a House hearing to question the nation's top health officials. Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner and others suggested that limits be placed on travelers coming from West Africa, but a White House spokesman dismissed the idea of a travel ban. Gwen Ifill reports.
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James Comey, F.B.I. Director, Hints at Action as Cellphone Data Is Locked

October 17, 2014
David Sanger | The New York Times
The director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, said on Thursday that the “post-Snowden pendulum” that has driven Apple and Google to offer fully encrypted cellphones had “gone too far.” He hinted that as a result, the administration might seek regulations and laws forcing companies to create a way for the government to unlock the photos, emails and contacts stored on the phones.
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Pierson failed to provide fresh start for Secret Service that administration wanted

October 2, 2014
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
The resignation of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and the launch of a top-to-bottom review of the agency Wednesday are an acknowledgment by President Obama of what he has long denied: that the force charged with protecting him is in deep turmoil and struggling to fulfill its sacred mission.
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Hill leaders hoping for a quick September session — and no shutdown drama

September 4, 2014
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
After more than a month back home focused mostly on electoral politics, Congress reconvenes next week with hopes of quickly averting a government shutdown and reauthorizing a few other federal programs before rushing home to get back on the campaign trail.
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Obama Tells Veterans He Will Fix Health System, as New Report Lists Lapses

August 27, 2014
Dave Phillips | The New York Times
President Obama on Tuesday promised several thousand military veterans that he would fulfill his “sacred trust” to those returning from America’s wars by overhauling a dysfunctional health care system, even as a new report documented “unacceptable and troubling lapses” in medical treatment.
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