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‘Great Society’ agenda led to great — and lasting — philosophical divide

January 9, 2014
Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post
The ambitious “Great Society” agenda begun half a century ago continues to touch nearly every aspect of American life. But the deep philosophical divide it created has come to define the nation’s harsh politics, especially in the Obama era.
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Obama Urges Congress to Extend Jobless Aid

January 8, 2014
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Obama urged lawmakers Tuesday to adopt a three-month extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits that expired last month, saying he is "very appreciative" of Senate efforts that cleared a procedural hurdle shortly before his remarks.
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Jobless-Aid Bill Advances in the Senate

January 8, 2014
Janet Hook | Wall Street Journal
Legislation to resurrect benefits for the long-term unemployed overcame an important procedural hurdle in the Senate Tuesday, triggering a debate over how to cover the cost and whether other changes could ease the bill through the Senate and a wary House.
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Despite Senate vote, jobless benefits still in doubt

January 8, 2014
Susan Davis | USA Today
The U.S. Senate took a step toward reinstating expired jobless benefits for 1.3 million people, but significant disagreements and legislative hurdles remain before Congress can approve the assistance.
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Senate to test support for extending jobless benefits

January 7, 2014
Susan Davis | USA Today
The Senate delayed until Tuesday a critical test vote on whether to reinstate expired federal benefits for the long-term unemployed.
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The Costs of Paying for Unemployment Insurance

January 7, 2014
Fawn Johnson | Real Clear Politics
Republicans are throwing a wrench into the debate over unemployment benefits by insisting that spending cuts offset any extension of federal aid for the long-term jobless.

Post-Shutdown Washington: Political Divides & Dysfunction

October 18, 2013
The U.S. Government shuts down, the debt ceiling debate continues & the health insurance

Government Shutdown, Short-Term Debt Deal, Yellen to the Fed

October 11, 2013
Government Shutdown, Short-Term Debt Deal, Yellen to the Fed & SCOTUS on Campaign Finance
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Government Shutdown of 1995

Air Date: 
November 17, 1995
Four days into the government shutdown of 1995, the focus was on how to resolve the stalemate and where the political blame would be laid…on President Bill Clinton, or new House GOP Leader Newt Gingrich. The arguments sound familiar; the deficit and balancing the budget.
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