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Bipartisan rescue bid for Obama's trade agenda

June 18, 2015
Charles Babington, David Espo | Associated Press
In close cooperation with President Barack Obama, House Republicans worked to revive the administration's trade agenda on Thursday, nearly a week after it was left for dead by rebellious Democrats backed by organized labor.
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Pelosi-Obama Cold Front Moving Into California

June 17, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
On Friday, one of the Democratic Party’s most generous supporters may view up close what “climate change” looks like. That's when President Obama and Nancy Pelosi will be among those gathered at his home near San Francisco in support of House Democrats.
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Obama, GOP try to revive trade agenda, but hurdles await

June 16, 2015
Charles Babington | Associated Press
President Barack Obama and his legislative allies scrambled Monday for ways to revive his severely wounded trade agenda, although Democrats and Republicans alike said all options face serious hurdles.
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and a President’s Legacy

June 15, 2015
Peter Baker | The New York Times
For more than six years, the short walk from the Oval Office downstairs to the Situation Room has all too often meant bad news or grim choices. Whether it was war in the Middle East, Russian aggression in Ukraine or the hunt for terrorists around the globe, President Obama’s foreign policy has felt consumed by guns and drones.

House Votes Down Trade, More Troops to Iraq, Shaping Obama's Legacy and 2016 Frontrunners

June 12, 2015
Democrats disagree about trade, 450 troops to train Iraqis, Obama's last quarter and Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton
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Obama Looks at Adding Bases and Troops in Iraq, to Fight ISIS

June 12, 2015
Peter Baker, Helene Cooper, Michael Gordon | The New York Times
President Obama is open to expanding the American military footprint in Iraq with a network of bases and possibly hundreds of additional troops to support Iraqi security forces in their fight against the Islamic State, White House officials said on Thursday.
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House begins debate on trade bills

June 12, 2015
Susan Davis | USA Today
Trade supporters scored a critical victory on Thursday, when the U.S. House narrowly voted, 217-212, to begin debate on a trio of trade bills now set to receive votes Friday.
From the Vault

President Obama visits Capitol Hill

Air Date: 
January 30, 2009
As President Obama travels to Capitol Hill to meet with Democrats about the trade negotiations, we look in our Vault to 2009 when the president headed to the Hill only a week after his inauguration.
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Mafia-Like Islamic State Taxes and Extorts Like a Drug Cartel

June 10, 2015
Indira Lakshmanan | Bloomberg
In the last year, a once-obscure extremist group has overrun some of Iraq’s major cities, seized control of oil wells, industries and banks and emerged as the world’s richest and most feared terrorist force.
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