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John Kerry
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In John Kerry’s Mideast Speech, a Clash of Policies and Personalities

December 29, 2016
Peter Baker | The New York Times
Even before Secretary of State John Kerry issued his scathing critique of Israeli policies on Wednesday, President-elect Donald J. Trump essentially told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ignore it.
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Obama Faces Difficult Choices Amid Stream of Last-Minute Clemency Requests

December 29, 2016
Carrie Johnson | NPR
Dealing with a flood of last-minute pardon requests amounted to one of the biggest surprises of his presidency, George W. Bush once wrote.

The Obama Legacy: From hope and change to achievements and setbacks

December 23, 2016
What Barack Obama accomplished and what remains undone after eight years.
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Obama as a role model for black children, Obama & Biden's friendship and Michelle Obama's own legacy

December 22, 2016
Stories about President Obama's personal legacy from his two terms in office.
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Obama pulls regs that could have fueled 'Muslim registry' under Trump

December 22, 2016
Josh Gerstein | Politico
The Department of Homeland Security filed a notice that it is deleting the published rules for the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System.
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Obama Confronts Complexity of Using a Mighty Cyberarsenal Against Russia

December 19, 2016
David Sanger | The New York Times
Over the past four months, American intelligence agencies and aides to President Obama assembled a menu of options to respond to Russia’s hacking during the election, ranging from the obvious — exposing President Vladimir V. Putin’s financial ties to oligarchs — to the innovative, including manipulating the computer code that Russia uses in designing its cyberweapons.
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