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Obama Administration

Trump Clinches Republican Nomination, Clinton's Email Troubles Continue and Obama’s Historic Visit to Hiroshima

May 27, 2016
Donald Trump surpassed the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination while Hillary Clinton continues to deal with fallout over her private email server.
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The Libertarian Ticket, Delegate Count Puts Trump Over the Top and Clinton Staffers Role in Email Investigation

May 27, 2016
As Libertarians meet to pick their nominee for president, Gary Johnson seen as the likely candidate.
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In historic visit to Hiroshima, Obama calls on the world to morally evolve

May 27, 2016
Christi Parsons, Julie Makinen | Los Angeles Times
President Obama paid somber tribute in Hiroshima Friday.
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In a rare occurrence, Obama speaks his mind about Trump for the world to hear

May 27, 2016
Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post
The scene was striking: an American president, standing before reporters on foreign soil, declaring that one of his potential successors had “rattled” other heads of state because he had displayed “either an ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude” about them.
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Obama Reasserts Hope for TPP Passage This Year

May 26, 2016
Carol Lee | The Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama told a crowd of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs that he hopes to see a new 12-nation trade pact ratified this year. Mr. Obama, speaking during a question-and-answer session on the last day of his visit to Vietnam, said the Trans-Pacific Partnership will raise labor and environmental standards across Southeast Asia while giving the region an economic jolt.
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Obama touts his vision for deeper U.S. relationship with Vietnam: 'Hearts can change'

May 24, 2016
Christi Parsons | Los Angeles Times
President Obama held up a generation of Vietnam War veterans as an inspiration for young Vietnamese people on Tuesday, arguing they are proof that “hearts can change” and urging the two nations to move from conflict to partnership.
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U.S. Lifts Arms Embargo on Vietnam

May 24, 2016
Carol Lee, James Hookway | The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. will lift a decades-old ban on sales of lethal arms to Vietnam, a major policy shift that President Barack Obama said would end a “lingering vestige of the Cold War” and pave the way for more-normal ties between the two nations.
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