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Obama Administration

How Obama, Trump and Congress are responding to Russian hacks in the U.S. election

December 16, 2016
U.S. intelligence agencies blame Russia for a series of hacks meant to undermine the presidential election.
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Obama says ‘we will’ retaliate against Russia for election hacking

December 16, 2016
Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post
President Obama said Friday the United States will retaliate against Russia over its malicious cyber-activity during this year's election.
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Trump team circles wagons

December 16, 2016
Kimberly Atkins | Boston Herald
Donald Trump's team and Obama administration officials swapped barbs Thursday over the White House’s claim that the operation to hack Democratic operatives’ emails was authorized by Vladimir Putin.

The Trump Transition: A deep dive into his unconventional cabinet picks

December 9, 2016
What do Trump's cabinet choices signal about his key policy priorities?
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Obama Defends His Antiterror Strategy in Arguments Aimed at His Successor

December 7, 2016
Carol Lee | The Wall Street Journal
Mr. Obama, in a national-security speech, repeatedly drew a contrast between his ideas and those of Trump while making a case for why his successor should adhere to his approach, which was shaped by his early decision to scale back America’s military presence overseas.
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