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Obama Administration

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White House preps Supreme Court battle plan

March 14, 2016
Josh Gerstein, Edward-Isaac Dovere | POLITICO
As soon as President Barack Obama announces a Supreme Court nominee from his short list — which is now set — the White House and its allies will unleash a coordinated media and political blitz aimed at weakening GOP resistance to confirming the president's pick.
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Obama: GOP "Crack-Up" Goes Beyond Trump

March 11, 2016
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Obama described the Republican Party’s presidential nominating process as a “circus” and a “crack-up” Thursday, arguing he is not the catalyst for the GOP’s internal unrest or the anti-immigrant policies that have fueled Donald Trump’s ascent.
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Obama: "I want an effective Republican Party"

March 10, 2016
President Obama called out the "circus" of the Republican Party primary that has played out in recent weeks and downplaying his role in elevated rhetoric in political discourse. "I want an effective Republican Party," Obama said. "I think this country has to have responsible parties that can govern and that are prepared to lead and govern, whether they're in the minority or in the majority, whether they occupy the White House or they do not."
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White House Reviews Possible Supreme Court Nominees With Ties to GOP Leaders

March 5, 2016
Carol Lee | The Wall Street Journal
Move comes as Republicans remain adamant that they won’t consider any Obama nominee
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Obama says he plans to stay in Washington after presidency

March 4, 2016
Christi Parsons | Los Angeles Times
President Obama says he plans to stay in Washington after the end of his presidency so that his younger daughter can finish high school with her class, a rare disclosure about his family's personal plans.
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White House Meeting Fails To Bridge Divide Over Obama Supreme Court Nominee

March 2, 2016
Carrie Johnson | NPR
President Obama plans to nominate someone to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia. But Republican leaders say the Senate won't consider his pick. A White House meeting between the two sides failed to bridge the divide.
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Obama’s Tangled History With Supreme Court Sets Stage for Nominee Fight

February 29, 2016
Peter Baker | The New York Times
The first time President Obama sat down to pick a new Supreme Court justice, surprised aides discovered that he had gone beyond the briefing memos to read the leading candidate’s past judicial rulings. The president, a onetime constitutional law teacher, was in his element, a “legal nerd,” as one aide called him, putting theory into practice.

Trump, Rubio, Cruz battle ahead of Super Tuesday and Obama fights Congress over Supreme Court and GITMO

February 26, 2016
Trump marches to the Republican presidential nomination while his opponents up their attacks.
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Clinton gives blunt talk on race where Obama trod lightly

February 26, 2016
Lisa Lerer | AP
Stefanie Brown James, the director of African-American outreach for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, thought that the changes must have been typos.
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