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Second term

Policy & Politics of Immigration Reform & What Lies Ahead in Washington

November 21, 2014
Obama announced his new immigration plan. Now what?
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Preemptive strike

November 12, 2014
Michael Crowley, Burgess Everett | Politico
Two weeks before a crucial diplomatic deadline, newly victorious Republicans in Congress are plotting to derail one of Barack Obama’s few remaining chances for a second-term policy legacy: a nuclear deal with Iran.
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Key Barack Obama aides eye White House exits Read more:

October 23, 2014
Carrie Budoff Brown, Edward-Isaac Dovere | Politico
White House chief of staff Denis McDonough has asked senior aides to tell him if they’re going to stick around for President Barack Obama’s final two years in office, with a West Wing restructuring after the midterms possible.

Mid-Year Report Card

July 5, 2013
Mid-Year report card, America's role in Egypt, economic outlook for rest of 2013.
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2nd Term Distractions and President Obama’s Priorities

May 24, 2013
Our panelists discuss the president’s second term priorities and distractions.

Bombing Arrests and Obama Recommits to Closing GITMO

May 3, 2013
The latest on the Boston bombing investigations and Obama’s pledge to close GITMO.

Obama's Gun Violence Policies and Second-Term Priorities

January 18, 2013
Gwen and the panelists discuss pre-inauguration expectations
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Reporter's Notebook: Obama's 2nd Term Priorities

January 16, 2013
As the country prepares for President Obama's inauguration, Peter Baker of The New York Times breaks down the President's priorities for the next four years and explains how Obama will be looking to shape his legacy.
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