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2016 Elections

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In Iowa, Republican field wide open as moderates stake their caucus claims

February 9, 2015
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
Less than a year before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, it appears that every Republican contender is making a serious play to win the state, setting up what is likely to be one of the most active, competitive campaigns here in recent memory.
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Republicans Court Kissinger, Instability in Yemen, Spying on Wall Street and Gov't Intervention in Hand Washing

February 6, 2015
A coup in Yemen, Henry Kissinger's influence in the 2016 race, and should the government mandate food workers wash their hands?

Fighting the Islamic State, U.S. Considers Arming Ukraine, Signs of Economic Improvement and Vaccination Politics

February 6, 2015
Jordan steps up its fight against ISIS, Russian aggression in Ukraine picks up, and the U.S. economy shows more signs of life
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For Rand Paul, a rude awakening to the rigors of a national campaign

February 6, 2015
Matea Gold, David Fahrenthold | The Washington Post
Rand Paul’s plan to get himself elected president relies on two long-shot bets coming true. So far, neither one seems to be going well.
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Changing The Way We Vote Isn't Getting More People To Vote

February 6, 2015
Amy Walter | The Cook Political Report
California is the closest thing we have to a political lab for engineering a solution for the country's voter apathy problem. From permanent absentee voting to term limits and redistricting reform and now a top-two primary system, California has tried just about every remedy imagined to help boost voter participation in the state. The result: turn-out in the Golden State last year for both the primary and general election was the lowest it has been in recorded history. Did reform fail? Was it a failure of candidates themselves? Or is there something more that California's lack of voter interest can tell us about why/how reforms to voting systems impact actual voting behavior?
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Poor Effort

February 5, 2015
John Dickerson | Slate
How candidates would campaign about poverty if they really cared about poverty.
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Jeb Bush sounds general election themes. Will they work in the primaries?

February 5, 2015
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
Jeb Bush went before the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday sounding very much like a politician ready and eager to run a general election campaign for president. Whether he is as ready to run for and win the Republican nomination is another question.
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GOPers Race to Build Foreign-Policy Credentials

February 4, 2015
Janet Hook | The Wall Street Journal
If Chris Christie had hoped his trip to London would help build his profile in foreign affairs before he launches a presidential campaign, it didn’t work out so well. News coverage of the New Jersey governor’s three-day trip was dominated by a statement he made about childhood vaccinations and the ensuing firestorm.
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