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Jeb Bush e-mails offer a look at the Republican’s hands-on style as governor

December 24, 2014
Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger, Rosalind S. Helderman | The Washington Post
The new governor of Florida was feeling exhausted and beleaguered. It was after 10 o’clock at night, and Jeb Bush was still going through angry e-mails.
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Jeb Bush, Mr. Sunshine

December 23, 2014
Michael Scherer | TIME
At times like this, Joy is not the most obvious theme to build a presidential campaign around. So it is all the more surprising that Jeb Bush cannot stop talking about that most delightful and fleeting of human emotions.

North Korea's Sony Hack Attack, U.S.-Cuba Relations Thaw, and Bush, Clinton Political Dynasties

December 19, 2014
North Korea hacks Sony, Changing Cuba relations, and political dynasties
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Hillary and Jeb: How the deciders decide

December 8, 2014
Gloria Borger | CNN
Lost amidst the predictable clutter of the "will-he-or won't-she" questions about whether Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton will actually run for the presidency is an unexpected development: a hint of authenticity.
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Supreme Court set to decide pregnancy discrimination and free speech, secret 2016 primaries and an unusual ally against ISIS

December 5, 2014
Free speech and Facebook, 2016 presidential campaign, and Iran fights ISIS.
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The GOP’s Ferguson Moment

December 3, 2014
John Dickerson | Slate Magazine
Will a potential Republican presidential candidate give a speech about the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri? It would be a political opportunity, a chance to prove that he is precisely the type of leader the likely 2016 candidates will claim to be.
Early voting
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For GOP, demographic opportunities, challenges await

December 1, 2014
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
The influence of ongoing demographic changes on politics is a familiar story. Given current voting patterns, the increasing diversity in the population is likely to work to the advantage of Democrats in future presidential elections. For Republicans, the question is not just how, but whether they can bend the curve.
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Jeb Bush Speech Will Add to 2016 Election Intrigue

November 19, 2014
Beth Reinhard | Wall Street Journal
It is the biggest question looming over the fledgling Republican presidential primary: What will Jeb do?
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