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Donald Trump
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Trump’s attack on McCain marks a turning point for him — and the GOP

July 20, 2015
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump crossed the kind of line he did on Saturday, when he questioned the heroism of Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam War POW. The question now is whether Candidate Trump is immune from the laws of political gravity or soon will be isolated and regarded as an object of scorn or curiosity rather than of presidential seriousness.
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The Long, Trump Summer

July 20, 2015
Amy Walter | The Cook Political Report
I promised myself that I would not write about Donald Trump. There is approximately zero percent chance that he will be the GOP nominee. Moreover, the odds are incredibly small that his candidacy survives much into 2016. He’s a blowhard who is desperate for attention and will do anything to get it. But, like the oppressive humidity of a DC summer, he has become unavoidable. I am asked about Trump more than Hillary, Jeb or Obama – combined. As such – sigh – here’s my take on what his rise in the polls means – and what it doesn’t.
Webcast Extra

Behind the Scenes at the Iran Talks in Vienna and Donald Trump's "Washing Machine" of Money

July 17, 2015
The point-men behind the Iran talks, Obama vigorous defense of the deal, and Trump's campaign money.

Iran Nuclear Deal & Big Money Raised in Election 2016

July 17, 2015
Iran talks end in deal and the impact of 2016 fundraising
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Sen. Ted Cruz: Any president worth his salt would overturn the Iran deal

July 15, 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate and author of the new memoir “A Time for Truth,” joins Gwen Ifill to discuss what he calls the “catastrophic” nuclear deal with Iran, why he likes Donald Trump’s style, Cruz’s heritage as a Cuban American and why he’s running for president.
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2 Campaigns Reflect Social Shifts in U.S.

July 16, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
No former American first lady has ever sought her husband’s old job before. So the temptation to compare Clinton presidential campaigns — Bill’s in 1992 and Hillary’s now — is irresistible.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Gov. Bobby Jindal on rejecting the Iran deal, how U.S. could become a Greek tragedy

July 14, 2015
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican presidential candidate, joins Gwen Ifill to discuss how he would roll back the Iran nuclear agreement, cutting the budget in his state and whether the U.S. is in danger of becoming the next Greece, his views on immigration and heritage, plus making his voice heard amid a crowded field of GOP contenders.
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Groups backed by secret donors take the lead in shaping 2016 elections

July 15, 2015
Matea Gold | The Washington Post
The latest television ad touting GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio proclaims that he is “leading the fight” to stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.
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