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2016 Elections

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
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Marco Rubio sharpens commander-in-chief pitch

February 20, 2015
Manu Raju | POLITICO
Jeb Bush may have stolen the spotlight this week, but Marco Rubio wants voters to know he’s been right on foreign policy all along. He was right, he said, when he warned the U.S. to immediately arm moderate Syrian rebels two years ago — before the radicals in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant began beheading hostages and declaring a caliphate. He says he was right when he called on President Barack Obama to employ a more aggressive show of force against Libya four years ago. And he says he was right when he insisted that, absent a more robust strategy, Islamic extremists would use Libya as a safe haven, as they are doing now.
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)
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Chris Christie losing home-state donors as Jeb Bush makes inroads

February 20, 2015
Matea Gold, Robert Costa | The Washington Post
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is rapidly losing support among some of his most prominent home-state donors and power brokers, who are either hesitant to back him or shifting allegiance to former Florida governor Jeb Bush.
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The New World Order

February 19, 2015
John Dickerson | Slate
If there were questions about whether Jeb Bush is like his brother, he dispelled some of them on Wednesday at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. In November 1999, candidate George Bush scored only 25 percent when a Boston television political reporter gave him a pop quiz on world leaders. Jeb Bush, on the other hand, displayed a command of the world on topics from Cuba to ISIS to the relationship between energy and American security. He surpassed his brother at a far earlier period in this cycle. He also surpassed his 2016 rivals Govs. Chris Christie and Scott Walker, who have had trouble clearing the foreign policy hurdle easily.
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Jeb Bush: ‘I love my father and my brother…but I am my own man’

February 18, 2015
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is considering a 2016 presidential campaign, is seeking to distinguish his views on foreign policy from those of his father and brother, two former presidents.
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Forget it, liberals: Elizabeth Warren is not running for president

February 18, 2015
Doyle McManus | Los Angeles Times
Sorry to break the bad news to all you dreamy-eyed liberals, but it's time to stop wishin' and hopin': Elizabeth Warren isn't running for president. Really and truly..
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Will security and stability concerns shape the 2016 race?

February 16, 2015
What issues will influence what voters want in a president in 2016? Gwen Ifill talks to Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report about the current atmosphere of international insecurity, plus the significance of FBI chief James Comey’s recent speech on race and police.
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The Bluest Republican

February 17, 2015
Molly Ball | The Atlantic
“Mark Wahlberg is asking me for a pardon?,” Charlie Baker said as he folded his lengthy frame into the backseat of a black SUV one evening in December. Until his election as governor of Massachusetts the month before, the only elected office achieved by Baker, a Republican, had been selectman of Swampscott (population 13,800), a position he held for a single term. He had also spent nearly eight years as a state-cabinet official in the 1990s. But some responsibilities, Baker was discovering, accrue only to the chief executive. Informed by an aide that the actor was seeking to have a decades-old assault conviction expunged from his record, Baker turned to me and said drily, “He seems to have overcome that.”
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Governors’ records present chances and challenges on path to White House

February 17, 2015
Reid Wilson | The Washington Post
Governors who are considering runs for the White House will make the case to donors and voters that they have the experience necessary to become president, in contrast with senators who do nothing but make speeches. But governing is a messy business, and the records that will be their greatest assets will also be a governor’s biggest albatross.
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