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2016 Elections

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Rethinking the 2016 GOP nomination contest

March 10, 2014
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
This year’s Conservative Political Action Conference cast a spotlight on the Republican Party’s prospective 2016 presidential candidates, and there is already an accepted storyline about how the 2016 Republican presidential nomination contest will unfold.
Marco Rubio
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Marco Rubio: Forgotten Frontrunner

March 7, 2014
Amy Walter | The Cook Political Report
When it comes to 2016, the media is fixated on Bridge-gate, Benghazi, and Bush (Jeb). Left out of the picture is the man that many assumed would be the frontrunner by now, Sen. Marco Rubio. The CW says that Rubio's star has been dimmed (perhaps irreversibly so) by his championing of comprehensive immigration reform in 2013.

U.S. considers sanctioning Russia over Ukraine crisis & conservatives rally in Maryland

March 7, 2014
U.S. considers sanctioning Russia over Ukraine crisis & conservatives rally in Maryland
Vice President Joe Biden
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What Is Joe Biden Up To?

March 3, 2014
Molly Ball | The Atlantic
Vice President Joe Biden's speech to the Democratic National Committee on Thursday included a paean to long shots and lost causes. "Everything I've ever done in my career that I consider worthwhile—from the Violence Against Women Act to the crime bill to helping get us out of Iraq—it took time," he said. "If we didn't start when we started ... it would have never happened."
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Governors’ races offer a barometer for 2016

February 24, 2014
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
In Washington, the focus right now is on the Senate: Who will control it after the November midterm elections? But the National Governors Association winter meeting this weekend is a reminder that the outcome of this year’s gubernatorial elections will be equally important in shaping the political future.
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Will Jeb Bush Fill the GOP's Governor-Shaped 2016 Hole?

February 7, 2014
Beth Reinhard | National Journal
All of a sudden, Jeb Bush is in the sweet spot. That was not the case one year ago, when it was the ex-Florida governor's protégé, Sen. Marco Rubio, who was declared "the savior of the Republican Party" by Time magazine. Bush, in contrast, looked dated and squishy while promoting a book that backed off his past support for citizenship for illegal immigrants.
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Republicans face 2016 turmoil

February 3, 2014
Karen Tumulty, Robert Costa | The Washington Post
As Republicans look ahead to the 2016 presidential race, they are hoping to avoid the kind of chaotic and protracted nominating battle that dismayed party elders and damaged the eventual candidacy of Mitt Romney. That, however, could be a hard thing to prevent.
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GOP moves to shorten 2016 nominating calendar

January 24, 2014
Susan Davis | USA Today
The Republican National Committee is on track to compress the party's nomination process for a presidential candidate in 2016, though Iowa and New Hampshire will still be the first states to cast votes in the process.
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The Republican Party’s uphill path to 270 electoral votes in 2016

January 21, 2014
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
A recent conversation with a veteran of GOP presidential campaigns raised this question: Which, if any, of the recent battleground states are likely to become more Republican by 2016? The consensus: very few.
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