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The latest on the veepstakes, Sanders to endorse Clinton

July 11, 2016
Trump-Gingrich? Clinton-Kaine? Clinton-Warren? Trump-Christie? The political soothsayers are looking closely at every appearance Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make with potential running mates. Also in the news: Bernie Sanders on Tuesday is expected to finally endorse the former secretary of state. Gwen Ifill talks with Tamara Keith of NPR and Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report.
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Finally, Clinton and Sanders enter a political marriage. Will it work?

July 12, 2016
Abby Phillip, John Wagner | The Washington Post
When Bernie Sanders finally offers his endorsement of Hillary Clinton here on Tuesday, it will be the culmination of a month of aggressive courting by her, including a high-profile meeting in Washington and a dinner between their campaign managers in Vermont.
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Chris Christie Gets Another Audition for the Trump Ticket

July 12, 2016
Ashley Parker, Alexander Burns | The New York Times
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey offered a glimpse Monday of just what he might bring to the Republican ticket as Donald J. Trump’s running mate, presenting himself as a law and order executive in an appearance with Mr. Trump in Virginia Beach.
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Anti-Trump GOP delegate seeking to vote his conscience in Cleveland scores ‘symbolic’ win

July 12, 2016
Ed O'Keefe, Jenna Portnoy | The Washington Post
A federal judge on Monday blocked Virginia from enforcing a law that would have required all of the state’s GOP delegates to vote for Donald Trump, the winner of its presidential primary, at the national nominating convention next week.
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A view from Trump Tower: how Trump, inner circle are reading the tea leaves

July 11, 2016
Molly Ball, Manu Raju | CNN
A big test for President Barack Obama, a map challenge for Trump and the unconventional wrinkles of the GOP convention: It's all a part of our "Inside Politics" forecast.
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Email controversy not over for Clinton, Republicans warn

July 11, 2016
Anne Gearan | The Washington Post
Hillary Clinton and her allies think that the political and legal cloud that hovered over her presidential prospects for more than a year blew away last week with news that the Justice Department would not pursue criminal charges in her handling of sensitive emails.
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Trump's veepstakes and longtime Florida congresswoman indicted on fraud charges

July 8, 2016
Two Republican senators withdraw from VP consideration and Rep. Corrine Brown pleads not guilty to fraud charges.
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