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2016 Elections

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Trump Era Brings Role Reversal for Political Parties

February 3, 2017
Janet Hook | The Wall Street Journal
The Trump era in Washington is propelling a remarkable role reversal for an entire generation of politicians in America’s two major parties.
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How Trump got to yes on Gorsuch

February 1, 2017
Shane Goldmacher, Eliana Johnson, Josh Gerstein | POLITICO
The president picked his Supreme Court nominee after a months-long selection process that started with a list of 21 contenders.
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Trump to Require Two Rules Be Killed for Each New One Issued

January 30, 2017
Margaret Talev, Todd Shields | Bloomberg Politics
President Donald Trump ordered government agencies on Monday to propose revoking two regulations for each new one they issue.
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People were taking Trump seriously. Now they’re starting to take him literally.

January 26, 2017
Abby Phillip, Ashley Parker | The Washington Post
Now in his first week at the White House, President Trump is showing that at least some of his campaign promises were indeed meant literally.
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Trump's call for election-fraud probe fraught with peril

January 26, 2017
Josh Gerstein | POLITICO
Former Justice Department lawyers and prominent Democrats are warning the president against a blatantly political exercise.
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Sticking to Unsubstantiated Claim, Trump Seeks Voter-Fraud Inquiry

January 25, 2017
Carol Lee, Damian Paletta | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump said Wednesday that he plans to order a “major investigation” into voter fraud, based on his unsubstantiated claim that millions voted illegally in the election.
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Trump to Order Mexican Border Wall and Curtail Immigration

January 25, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, David Sanger, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
President Trump on Wednesday will order the construction of a Mexican border wall — the first in a series of actions this week to crack down on immigrants and bolster national security.
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