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2016 Elections

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Ten GOP candidates make cut for presidential debate

August 5, 2015
John Harwood | CNBC
CNBC's John Harwood has the list of ten Republican candidates who have made the cut for the first presidential debate.
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Poll: Bernie Sanders nearly tied with Hillary Clinton

August 5, 2015
Jeff Zeleny | CNN
The democratic presidential candidate race heats up with a new poll in New Hampshire that shows Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton almost tied. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.
From the Vault

Impact of Early Presidential Debates

Air Date: 
June 17, 2011
As the first Republican presidential debate of the 2016 election season approaches, we take a look back in the Washington Week Vault to an early debate in 2011.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How much does the first GOP presidential debate matter?

August 4, 2015
Gwen Ifill talks to Tamara Keith of NPR and Susan Page of USA Today about the upcoming debate among the Republican presidential candidates, new campaign ads for Hillary Clinton and whether Vice President Joe Biden will jump into the race.
Early voting
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Unhappy Voters Shake Up Presidential Race

August 4, 2015
Janet Hook | The Wall Street Journal
An unhappy and unsettled electorate is giving a lift to antiestablishment candidates and changing the dynamics of the 2016 presidential contest for both parties, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.
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As Republicans Debate, Campaigns Will Serve Up Instant Spin Online

August 4, 2015
Ashley Parker | The New York Times
Several days before the first Republican primary debate, members of Senator Rand Paul’s brain trust gathered in an upstairs conference room at their Capitol Hill headquarters for a social media war-room session.
Vice President Biden speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention
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Raw Emotion: Joe Biden’s "end of summer" decision is near.

August 4, 2015
John Dickerson | Slate
A discussion about whether Vice President Joe Biden should run for president gets deep pretty fast. Any talk about ambition, a life’s purpose, and the end of a career must take into account of all the woe Biden has had to face in his life. At age 30, a few weeks after he was elected to the Senate, his wife and 1-year-old daughter died in a car accident. Eighteen days later, he took the oath of office standing at his 3-year-old son Beau’s hospital bedside, where he was being treated for injuries sustained in the crash. In 1988 Biden had two surgeries to address the effects of cranial aneurysms with only a 50 percent chance of success. Two months ago, he buried his 46-year-old son, Beau, the victim of brain cancer. It is supposed to be the other way around. Sons are supposed to bury their fathers.
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What kind of party will the Republican nominee lead in 2016?

August 3, 2015
Dan Balz | The Washington Post
The question that will be front and center at Thursday’s Republican presidential debate is who will lead the party in 2016. As important will be: What kind of party will the GOP nominee end up leading?
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Biden considers his future amid pressure to make a bid for president

August 3, 2015
Karen Tumulty, Dan Balz, Paul Kane | The Washington Post
Joe Biden has never ruled out making a third try for the presidency, and as his self-declared, end-of-summer deadline to make a decision approaches, there are fresh signals that pressure is growing on him to do so.
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