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Civil Rights

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Finding hope and reality in Obama’s speech at Selma

March 9, 2015
Gwen Ifill talks to Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report about President Obama’s speech at the 50th anniversary of the bloody protest at Selma, Alabama, and how the 2016 presidential race could be impacted by the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s personal email use.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

What challenges remain for Selma 50 years since march?

March 9, 2015
Over the weekend, visitors like President Obama and nearly 100 members of Congress flocked to Selma, Alabama, to celebrate the anniversary of a civil rights milestone. But 50 years since protesters defiantly crossed the city's iconic Edmund Pettus bridge, Selma remains a deeply divided city with many challenges. Gwen Ifill reports.
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How much have voting rights changed since the first march on Selma?

March 9, 2015
John Harwood | PBS NewsHour
Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and political writer for the New York Times John Harwood joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss how voting rights have changed the political landscape since the first march on Selma in 1965.

DOJ's Ferguson Report; Supreme Court's Obamacare Challenge; Hillary Clinton's Private Emails; Netanyahu's Critical Iran Policy Speech

March 6, 2015
Systemic Racial Bias in Ferguson, Obamacare's Latest SCOTUS Hurdle and Hillary Clinton's Email Troubles
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How tickets, fines and fees undermined police focus on community in Ferguson

March 5, 2015
A U.S. Justice Department investigation into law enforcement in Ferguson discovered many disturbing incidents that helped drive distrust and hostility between the community and police. Gwen Ifill discusses the report’s findings with Rev. Starsky Wilson and Kevin Ahlbrand of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, two members of an independent commission set up by the state of Missouri.
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Ferguson Report: DOJ Will Not Charge Darren Wilson in Michael Brown Shooting

March 5, 2015
Pierre Thomas, Mike Levine, Jack Cloherty, Jack Date | ABC News
The department of Justice announced that police officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the death of Michael Brown. "There is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson's stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety," the DOJ criminal report said.
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50th Anniversary: Selma to Montgomery Marches

March 4, 2015
In March 1965, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee organized a 54-mile march from Selma to the Alabama state capital of Montgomery to protest laws that prevented black citizens from voting. The first march on March 7, 1965 became known as Bloody Sunday were attacked by Alabama state troopers after crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge. As seen in this Universal Newsreel, the marches reached Montgomery on March 24, 1965. Later that year, President Lyndon Johnson would sign the Voting Rights Act into law.
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