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Celebrating 70 years of ‘Meet the Press’

November 10, 2017
Happy 70th anniversary to our friends at "Meet the Press."

Could the 2020 presidential race see a unity ticket?

August 25, 2017
Kasich and Hickenlooper are reportedly considering joining forces for a 2020 presidential ticket.

Trump celebrates Bastille Day in France, Bush & Clinton talk leadership

July 14, 2017
President Trump celebrated Bastille Day with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.
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A Cold War Summit Offers Lessons for Trump Before Putin Meeting

July 6, 2017
David Sanger | The New York Times
A new president inexperienced in the intricacies of superpower politics meets his Russian rival for the first time. There are disputes over Crimea, nuclear weapons and completely different conceptions of an acceptable status quo as Washington and Moscow vie for global influence. The Americans arrive with an unclear agenda; the Russians have a very clear one.
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Amid Trump Turmoil, Some Begin Eyeing Mike Pence

May 19, 2017
Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The New York Times
For Republicans reeling at a daily stream of troubling revelations about President Trump, the prospect that Vice President Mike Pence would assume power should Mr. Trump leave office is a remote possibility.
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How Trump Has Reshaped the Presidency, and How It’s Changed Him, Too

May 1, 2017
Peter Baker | The New York Times
In his first 100 days in power, President Trump has transformed the nation’s highest office in ways both profound and mundane, pushing traditional boundaries, ignoring longstanding protocol and discarding historical precedents as he reshapes the White House in his own image.
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Evaluating Trump’s First 100 Days — By the Numbers

April 28, 2017
Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dann | NBC News
Tomorrow brings us the 100th day of President Trump's time in office, and we've already looked at the polls, the level of activity, and what it all means.
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As the White House Turns: A Guide to the Shifting Power Centers Among Trump's Top Advisers

April 14, 2017
Michael Scherer, Zeke J. Miller | TIME
The team surrounding the president is among the most conflicted groups in memory.
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