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George H.W. Bush in stable condition after fall

July 16, 2015
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Former president George H.W. Bush fell at his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, on Wednesday, but is in stable condition, his spokesman said.
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One of the Great Train Wrecks of All Time

June 11, 2015
John Dickerson | Slate
Slate’s podcast about campaign history looks back at George McGovern’s disastrous handling of the Eagleton Affair in 1972.

The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

April 29, 2015
With a 200-year-old building, you're bound to hear stories of strange happenings in the middle of the night, but when the building is the White House, the sightings often take on a more historical flavor. Many people believe the ghost of President Abraham Lincoln is still haunting the White House 150 years after his death. The New York Times' Peter Baker tells the story of Ronald Reagan's dog Rex who exhibited strange behavior in the Lincoln Bedroom. But was it really a ghost? "I think in some ways people might like the idea that Lincoln is still hanging around watching over us," Baker says.
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Secret Service took a year to fix broken alarm at George H.W. Bush home

April 23, 2015
Carol Leonnig | The Washington Post
The Secret Service took more than a year to replace a broken alarm system at former president George H.W. Bush’s home, raising concerns within the agency about the safety of the Houston residence and the Bush family, according to a government report scheduled to be released Thursday.

Abraham Lincoln's Enduring Legacy

April 22, 2015
Abraham Lincoln is the one president all future presidents want to emulate, but while his legacy is an inspiration, it can also be a burden.
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Obama, Down but Not Out, Presses Ahead

November 14, 2014
Peter Baker | The New York Times
President Obama emerged from last week’s midterm election rejected by voters, hobbled politically and doomed to a final two years in office suffering from early lame-duck syndrome. That, at least, was the consensus in both parties. No one seems to have told Mr. Obama.
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After Election, Obama Vows to Work With, and Without, Congress

November 6, 2014
Peter Baker, Julie Hirschfield | The New York Times
President Obama shook off an electoral drubbing on Wednesday and said he was eager to find common ground with Republicans during the final two years of his presidency, but he swiftly defied their objections by vowing to bypass Congress and use his executive authority to change the nation’s immigration system.
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President Obama Left Fighting for His Own Relevance

November 5, 2014
Peter Baker | The New York Times
Two things were clear long before the votes were counted on Tuesday night: President Obama would face a Congress with more Republicans for his final two years in office, and the results would be seen as a repudiation of his leadership.
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