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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Matea Gold
The Washington Post
Longtime Republican donor Edwin Phelps used to write five-figure checks regularly to the national party and the GOP senatorial committee. Now he has a different political passion: being part of an elite roundtable program that has pumped tens of millions into the Republican Governors Association. In return, the program’s members are invited to quarterly seminars with governors — and potential 2016 White House contenders — such as New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and Indiana’s Mike Pence.
John Dickerson
Will this be a wave election? In these uncertain times, when we use a weather metaphor it should be clear. You're either wet or you're not. But it's not clear, because we're using the wrong metaphor. The Republican tide is coming in this election—the GOP will pick up seats in the House and Senate—but the question remains: How big will the wave be? Will it be a gentle lapping that excites the ankles or will it knock you back and part your hair?
Reid Wilson
The Washington Post
Republicans have the opportunity to take control of a record number of state legislative chambers across the country this year, as Democrats play defense in unfavorable terrain.