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Friday, October 31, 2014

Molly Ball
The Atlantic
In the tiny storefront that houses the Boulder County Republicans, the air is thick with paranoia. At the front of the crowded room, the county GOP chairwoman, Ellyn Hilliard, is lecturing on voter fraud and the Democratic conspiracy she's convinced is afoot to steal the election. I had expected Boulder Republicans to be a slightly more conservative version of everyone else in this liberal college town—laid-back and crunchy and clad in polar fleece—but that, it seems, is not the case.
Karen Tumulty
The Washington Post
The question of the year: What does an election-year wave look like from the inside, right before it breaks? Things look good for Republicans, but neither party is sure that they're looking at the kind of national tide that knocks one party out of control of Congress and sweeps another into power.
Amy Walter
The Cook Political Report
One of the outstanding questions left in this election is whether the Democrats' ground operation – an operation that has proven to be far superior to that of Republicans in recent years - will be enough to help their candidates squeak out narrow victories. Thus far, Democratic incumbents have done a pretty amazing job in dramatically outperforming the president’s standing in the polls. The question now is whether the Obama drag will simply be too much for even the sturdiest of Democratic candidates to overcome.