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News You Need to Know

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ed O'Keefe
The Washington Post
These tensions with Kelly, a retired four-star general, are surfacing again as Congress is poised for a year-end fight over whether to enact permanent legal protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants — known as “dreamers” — who were brought into the country as children.
Ashley Parker, Carol Leonnig
The Washington Post
Some in the West Wing avoid the mere mention of Russia or the investigation whenever possible. Others take solace in the reassurances of White House lawyer Ty Cobb that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III will be wrapping up the probe soon and the president and those close to him will be exonerated. And a few engage in grim gallows humor, privately joking about wiretaps.
Jonathan Swan
If Mitch McConnell's schedule goes to plan, the week after Thanksgiving the Senate Majority Leader will confirm his ninth federal judge. That would beat President Reagan's eight in his first year — the most in recent history. And it triples the three federal judges President Obama appointed in his first year in office.