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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Helene Cooper, Andrew Kramer, Ceylan Yeginsu
The New York Times
Russia signaled deepening intervention Monday in the Syria war, strongly hinting that its “volunteer” ground forces would soon be fighting there, as NATO officials warned the Kremlin after a Russian warplane invaded Turkey’s airspace.
Gloria Borger, Jeff Zeleny
Vice President Joe Biden, who has been openly toying with the idea of seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, is now privately leaving the impression with some political allies that he is leaning toward running, according to two senior Democrats who have spoken with him in recent days.
Anne Gearan
The Washington Post
Hillary Rodham Clinton is trying to turn the tables on congressional Republicans ahead of her testimony before a special House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks, with a new television ad accusing Republicans of using the tragedy for political gain.