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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Michael Crowley, Edward-Isaac Dovere
No amount of uproar stopped him: Benjamin Netanyahu’s getting his speech to Congress. But he’s probably not going to get his way on the Iran nuclear deal that he’s going to spend Tuesday trying to take apart.
Nancy Youssef
The Daily Beast
The biggest offensive against ISIS so far happened without American help—but with plenty of assistance from Iran.
Alex Wayne, Greg Stohr
Bloomberg News
The fate of Obamacare rests with U.S. Supreme Court. Again. Three years after the court upheld the Affordable Care Act by a single vote, the justices are poised to consider a new challenge -- an appeal that has turned a routine question of how to interpret the statute into a threat to unravel the landmark 2010 law. The court hears arguments on March 4 and will rule by the end of June.