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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hannah Allam
McClatchy Newspapers
“It will take time.” That was the line used repeatedly Friday by the U.S. general leading the military campaign against the Islamic State, in his first news conference at the Pentagon since taking charge of Central Command last year.
Matea Gold
The Washington Post
Thom Tillis sent a deep sigh and a shudder rolling through the crowd of Republican activists with just one word: ­“Ebola.”
Dan Balz
The Washington Post
When Mitt Romney managed to get about 25 percent support in the early polls against his 2012 Republican rivals, everyone asked, “What’s wrong with Mitt?” He was, after all, the presumed front-runner. Today, with a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showing something similar about 2016, the question could be, “What’s wrong with all the others?”