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Monday, August 3, 2015

John Dickerson
Donald Trump has changed the rules of campaigning. In no area has he done more pioneering work than in the field of insults. He has insulted countries, political opponents, senior Republican leaders, and entire classes of people—from Mexican immigrants to POWs. So it would be reasonable to expect that when he takes the center lectern next week for the first Republican debate, he’ll continue true to form—a knee to the groin here, a sweeping denunciation there. The word stupid is no doubt already limbered up and bouncing around his verbal ready-room.
Coral Davenport
The New York Times
The issue of climate change played almost no role in the 2012 presidential campaign. President Obama barely mentioned the topic, nor did the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. It was not raised in a single presidential debate.
John Harwood
In a wide-ranging interview, CNBC's John Harwood sits down with GOP presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie, (R-N.J.), to discuss his run for the White House.