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News You Need to Know

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Simon Denyer, Philip Rucker
The Washington Post
President-elect Donald Trump has selected Terry Branstad, the long-serving Republican governor of Iowa, to serve as ambassador to China, a transition official confirmed Wednesday. If confirmed, the move could go some way to reassure China’s leadership that Trump understands the importance of healthy relations with Beijing.
Alexis Simendinger
Real Clear Politics
With gusto, Donald Trump promises to unwind President Obama’s governance with the stroke of his presidential pen and the support of a GOP-controlled Congress. He can make good on those promises, but he will need to weather pushback.
Molly Ball
The Atlantic
The election is over, but the president-elect is demonstrating he hopes to dominate Washington the same way he dominated his campaign rivals: by taking the case to his loyal movement of supporters.