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Friday, April 29, 2016

Lisa Lerer
Nancy Schumacher says she just wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage.
Amy Chozick, Ashley Parker
The New York Times
With the nation on the verge of a presidential election between the first woman to lead a major party and an opponent accused of misogyny, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are digging in for a fight in which he is likely to attack her precisely because she is a woman.
Matt Flegenheimer, Jonathan Martin
The New York Times
Senator Ted Cruz looked out on the hardwood, on the precipice of defeat, claiming the mantle of an underdog squad from the fictional Indiana town of Hickory.
Sean Sullivan, Ed O'Keefe
The Washington Post
In the space of just seven minutes here Thursday, Ted Cruz reminded fellow Republicans that he has few friends in the party.