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News You Need to Know

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jonathan Swan, Mike Allen
Who knows how the chest-bumping over China ends. But for now, President Trump’s anti-China advisers are right: The president is buckling on his threats to punish China with fundamental, lasting changes to trade tariffs and rules.
Jonathan Martin, Maggie Astor
The New York Times
The race for the open governor’s seat in Georgia, a battle with implications for health care, gun control and other contentious issues, leads a slate of three primaries on Tuesday. Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, has reached his term limit, and Georgia Democrats are hoping the same political climate that has buoyed them in special elections will propel them in a state where they have not won the governorship in two decades.
Rachael Bade, John Bresnahan
Top House Republicans are privately questioning whether retiring Speaker Paul Ryan can make it through Election Day.