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News You Need to Know

Friday, January 30, 2015

Carol Leonnig
The Washington Post
Two weeks after the Secret Service forced out four of its top officials, lawmakers are questioning whether the agency should have ousted one more — its influential second-in-command.
Josh Gerstein
For Loretta Lynch, the Senate’s confirmation hearings this week were the easy part. The set of challenges facing Lynch as Attorney General are so daunting she could wonder why she wanted the job. Cybercriminals are testing the tech-challenged government’s ability to keep up, relations between police and minority groups are badly frayed and the public is sharply divided over the legitimacy of widespread surveillance.
John Dickerson
Covering the frantic Republican caucus in Iowa while simultaneously covering the drowsy Democratic contest is like stepping off of a moving walkway. You swing your arms and legs at the same quick pace, but you’re not moving fast anymore. The Republican candidates are scrambling for organizers, planning visits, and zooming around the country collecting money, while Hillary Clinton is the most dominant nonincumbent ever. Democrats like Gov. Martin O’Malley and Sen. Bernie Sanders are making moves, but few local activists even pretend that they are serious challengers to Clinton. Ready for Hillary is in the state and organizing all 99 counties, but all of that activity without any real competition is the difference between running in place and running for your life.