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Friday, April 17, 2015

Beth Reinhard
The Wall Street Journal
It would be rude, frankly, to speak at the local Republican Party’s “Politics and Pie” gathering and not partake in a slice. “To hell with the diet!” said Jeb Bush as he dug into a piece of blueberry pie.
Susan Davis
USA Today
Top lawmakers reached a deal Thursday on legislation to grant President Obama "fast track" trade authority to advance one of the largest trade pacts in history, a step that could set off one of the sharpest legislative battles of the year and put Democratic unity to the test.
Peter Baker
The New York Times
President Obama and the Republicans in Congress clashed over taxes and wealth on Thursday, a day after many Americans sent checks to the Internal Revenue Service, as the House voted to repeal the federal tax levied on multimillion-dollar estates.
Amy Walter
The Cook Political Report
Americans are feeling better about the economy today than they have in years. For the first time since early 2013, more Americans approve of the job Obama's doing on the economy (48 percent) than disapprove (47 percent). That's good news for Hillary Clinton and Democrats heading into 2016. Yet, Americans remain pretty pessimistic about the overall state of the economy as well as their own personal financial situation. Figuring out how to balance those seemingly contradicting trends is going to be one of the greatest challenges for both parties, but more so for Clinton and Democrats who have owned the White House (and thus the economy) for the last six years.