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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

John Dickerson
overage of the first gathering of Republican presidential candidates in New Hampshire last weekend focused on how many of them attacked Hillary Clinton, but there was another unifying message among several of the speakers: Governor is greater than senator. Govs. Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will turn to fileting each other soon enough, but for the moment, these statehouse men are all making the same case. Each candidate, sometimes in nearly identical language, told the audience of activists gathered in Nashua this weekend that they should be considered for the presidency because they didn’t just talk about conservative ideas, they had put them into practice as governors.
Robert Costa
The Washington Post
As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tries for a political revival with New Hampshire town halls and Iowa diner stops, he won’t have one of his longtime friends and political advisers at his side.
Manu Raju
Each morning in the Senate gym, Chuck Schumer takes his seat on the stationary bike. Then he starts talking, loudly, in his familiar New York accent: playful barbs and occasional deal making with Republicans working out nearby, and briefings with aides over his omnipresent flip phone.