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News You Need to Know

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jonathan Swan
Steve Bannon went — as Steve Bannon might say — "buck wild" inside a barn in Fairhope, Alabama, last night. He was there to rally support for Roy Moore, who faces incumbent Republican Senator Luther Strange in today's special election. Trump was in Alabama last week hosting a rally for Strange (the same rally at which he began his tirade against the NFL), but that didn't change Bannon's mind on which candidate to support.
Margaret Brennan
CBS News
The White House is playing defense after President Trump's comments over the last couple days about the NFL.
David Sanger, Rick Gladstone
The New York Times
North Korea threatened on Monday to shoot down American warplanes even if they were not in the country’s airspace, stating that President Trump’s comments suggesting he would eradicate North Korea and its leaders were “a declaration of war.”