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Monday, August 31, 2015

Molly Ball
The Atlantic
“I think panic is the operative mode for the Democratic Party,” David Axelrod, who has been on the receiving end of panic mode many times over the years, told me this week. I had asked Obama’s political guru how bad the current panic was for Hillary Clinton—bad enough for the party to seek an alternative? Bad enough, perhaps, to create an opening for Joe Biden?
Ashley Parker, Trip Gabriel
The New York Times
When Carly Fiorina found herself relegated to the “undercard” for the first Republican primary debate this month, she seized the opportunity to stand out. Clad in a bright pink suit, the only woman in a sea of men, she delivered a forceful performance that catapulted her into the national spotlight and generated a bounce in public polls.
John Harwood
The New York Times
In this campaign for the White House, everyone wants to run outside. That’s not strategy for a football play — it’s a way for rival candidates to cope in an extraordinary political season dominated by Donald J. Trump. If they can’t match his blustery magnetism, they can do their best to mimic his distance from politics as usual.