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News You Need to Know

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shawna Thomas
Passing the tax bill would give the administration and the Republican-controlled Congress its first big legislative achievement of the year. “A lot of jobs and a lot of money will be created,” President Trump said in a speech at the White House Wednesday.
Molly Ball
TIME Magazine
With Jones’s surprising win, the American political landscape seemed to rattle and tilt on its axis. If a Democrat could be elected in Alabama — a state President Donald Trump won by 28 points just last year — a lot of things suddenly look possible for the party out of power.
Jeff Zeleny, Kevin Liptak, Sarah Murray
How precisely the White House will recover from the seismic activity remains to be seen. Trump hopes to move swiftly onward, scheduling an address from the White House on Wednesday as a closing argument in his push for major tax cuts.