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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ken Thomas
Sen. Bernie Sanders won a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday, propelled by support from a formidable alliance of men, women and young people.
Molly Ball
The Atlantic
Twenty-three minutes into his typically rambling, hourlong stump speech in the arena here, at a private liberal-arts college on the Massachusetts border—after he had decried the Koch brothers and the prescription-drug companies, after he had accused Wall Street of bribing its way to deregulation, after he had called out the corporate media and the political establishment—Bernie Sanders turned to the bleachers behind him, which were filled with college students waving blue signs and chanting his name.
Pete Williams, Erik Ortiz
NBC News
A federal judge on Tuesday took a shot at the State Department for the slow release of the last of Hillary Clinton's emails, imposing a new set of deadlines for the documents to be made public.