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Conflicting polls show both Mitt Romney and President Obama leading in November’s election. What do the numbers reveal? Plus, a breakdown of the candidates’ economic plans. Also, Super PAC numbers, the Secret Service prostitution scandal & the GSA spending scandal. Joining Gwen: Michael Duffy, TIME; Jim Tankersley, National Journal; Jeff Zeleny, New York Times; Jeanne Cummings, Bloomberg News.


In the Washington Week Election 2012 Town Hall, Gwen and the panel talk with viewers in Cleveland, OH and Portland, OR. How are these economies recovering and what issues matter most to voters? Plus, do conversations in Washington on healthcare and education reflect conversations across the country? Joining Gwen: Jim Tankersley, National Journal; Michael Duffy, TIME; Jackie Calmes, New York Times.

Editors Note: During the Friday, April 20, 2012 Washington Week program, a $400,000 contribution to the pro-Romney committee, Restore Our Future, was attributed to Scott DeSano, a Florida investor. Restore Our Future corrected its Federal Election Committee disclosure reports on April 24 to identify Darlene and Gerald Jordan, of Palm Beach, as the donors of that cash. Read More