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Taking Stock: Echoes of "The Great San Francisco Earthquake" in Haiti, Chile and New Orleans

Following the 1906 quake, thousands of people fled San Francisco. But thousands flocked to it as well. Longtime residents and newcomers alike rebuilt the city, brick by brick.

Environmental Pioneer and former Secretary Stewart Udall dies at 90

The Associated Press reported in the New York Times Saturday on the passing of former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. Udall was 90 years old. 

Welcome to the Inside American Experience Blog

Welcome to Inside American Experience, a new blog from the makers of PBS's flagship history series. Over 22 years on the air, we've brought you more than 200 films and explored a range of subjects as diverse as the American experience itself. 

Now, we'll take you behind the scenes and give you an inside look at our upcoming projects and examine today's headlines through a historical lens. You'll hear from our filmmakers, historians and scholars, staffers, and from audience members like you