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Everything I Know About Anything I Learned from American Experience

Documentary Craft: Interview with Composer Joel Goodman

Acclaimed by The Hollywood Reporter as an "Indie Composer to Watch," Joel Goodman is a multi-talented, award-winning composer.  His original composition credits include work on the Oscar and Emmy Award-winning films Sister Rose's PassionThe Collector of Bedford Street and Children Underground. Joel recently scored the American Experience film My Laiproduced and directed by Barak Goodman. You can listen to three tracks from the film on his website,

From the Times to the Tomes: The Land of the Freeway Over the Home of the Braves

An interesting shift in American transportation is the public's attitude towards the ever-present Interstate Highway System. The change reveals itself appropriately in the words of the former Senator and Secretary of the Interior under John F. Kennedy, Stewart Udall, who voted for the original system in 1956, but expressed his regrets about the program's environmental impact in our film Earth Days.