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Remembering Stonewall Veteran Raymond Castro

Veteran of the Stonewall Riots and interviewee in the upcoming AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film Stonewall Uprising, Raymond Castro passed away last weekend in Madeira Beach, Florida at the age of 68. He is survived by his husband of 31 years, Frank Sturniolo. Mr. Castro, who was one of the first people arrested during the 1969 riots, is credited as one of the people who sparked the uprising with his resistance to the police officers raiding the Stonewall Inn.

This past June, Mr. Castro revisited the Stonewall Inn as part of the 41st anniversary of the uprising and the 40th annual gay pride parade. In a Daily News article about the 41st anniversary of the riots Mr. Castro remarked “I had no idea that I was going to be involved in history-making…I would do it all over again.”

You can read more about Raymond Castro in GLAAD’s article on his passing.

Stonewall Uprising will air in the spring of 2011 on PBS. 

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