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Stories from the World Trade Center

For the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE has been working hard to bring you content from our 2004 film "New York: The Center of the World" by updating our website. We have dozens of unique assets, including a photo gallery of the Twin Towers, a timeline of the World Trade Center, an interactive map of lower Manhattan since its first European settlers, and original construction footage of the towers.

Also see incredible original interviews with Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch; Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo; Historian Niall Ferguson; Philippe Petit, who walked between the towers on a high wire in 1974; Journalist William Langewiesche who tells the miraculous survivor story of Pasquale Buzzelli; Architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable; Historian Mike Wallace; Writer Pete Hamill; Architectural historian Carol Willis; President of the WTC Association Guy Tozzoli; Engineer Leslie Roberton; and Photographer Camilo Jose Vergara.

The website also features articles and biographies about the impact of the World Trade Center before and after 9/11, as well as a Share Your Story Feature (Where were you when the Twin Towers fell?). Check out the film's website to remember the stories of the lives that were changed by the World Trade Center, whether it was during its conception, construction, or destruction. 


Tory Starr is a Production Assistant for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. 

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