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This Season on American Experience

Watch a short video about our 2012 shows, with a message from Executive Producer Mark Samels. We hope you enjoy our upcoming season, which kicks off with our "Wild West Collection" on your local PBS station January 10 at 9/8C. 

January 10, 9pm: Billy the Kid
January 17, 8pm: Custer's Last Stand
February 7, 8pm: Freedom Riders (repeat)
February 14, 8pm: Tupperware! (repeat)
February 20, 9pm: Clinton, Part 1
February 21, 8pm: Clinton, Part 2
February 28, 8pm: The Amish
March 20, 8pm: Into the Deep (repeat)
March 27, 9pm: Triangle Fire (repeat)
April 3, 8pm: Grand Coulee Dam
April 3. 9:30pm: Panama Canal (repeat)
April 17, 9pm: Hoover Dam (repeat)
April 24, 8pm: Crash of 1929 (repeat)
May 1, 8pm: Jesse Owens

Missing Whitman One Place We Search Another

A few years ago, I taught a class in American Literature in Senegal. My students were from 26 African countries, spoke a variety of languages, and came from diverse social, economic and religious backgrounds.

The two-week course was supposed to have been comprised of lectures corresponding to readings the students had gotten to ahead of my arrival. However, as the books hadn't shown up, the director informed me that the students would do a week's worth of reading per night and I was to lecture on it the following day. I gave this model about two or three days before I would have to come up with a Plan B. To my surprise, the students lasted longer than I did. On the Friday of the first week, I was exhausted, having rushed through the Colonial and Transcendental periods in a blur and didn't know how I would start a conversation about Walt Whitman with them.

New on American Experience online

Today, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE re-launches one of our most ambitious online collections -- The Presidents -- with more than 30 hours of streaming video, 250 primary source documents, and dozens of biographies, articles, timelines, and photo galleries. You can watch full-length documentaries on seven U.S. presidents, or sample any of our short videos on topics ranging from "What About the Economy?" to "When is it OK to Lie?"