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We've Gone Mobile!

You may have noticed a change, if you have looked at the American Experience website from your mobile device recently. A few weeks ago we launched our mobile-friendly website in an effort to keep our users from having to squint till their heads hurt just to read some text, among other things.

Everything that is on our regular website is still available on the mobile site, with the exception of video if you have an iOS device. (thanks be to the 21st-century epic battle "Apple vs. Flash") You can see what's coming up next, you can browse your favorite photo gallery, timeline, or introduction, or read any of the articles. If you don't like it, you can click through to the 'Full Website' at the bottom of the page.

It is still a work in progress for our small but hearty Interactive crew -- we are still building out the collection pages -- but we do hope you enjoy it and have a little easier reading.



Molly Jacobs is the Web Producer for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

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