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2011 Wild West Headlines

Throughout this year, our staff at AMERICAN EXPERIENCE kept seeing the subjects of our January 2012 Wild West Collection cropping up in the news. The headlines were a constant reminder that stories of characters like Billy the Kid and George Custer continue to resonate today. Check out some of the headlines below that made us look forward to programs coming up in 2012... 


Top 10 Pages on in 2011

2011 was a great year for the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE website. Our huge stand-alone website for Freedom Riders featured the only comprehensive online list of all 400+ of the original 1961 Freedom Riders, along with a stellar 10-day live blogging experiment in May during which we posted 132 videos and 173 essays from the 2011 Student Freedom Ride. We created a really cool interactive that details the Panama Canal, posted some of America's first imaginative depictions of dinosaurs, and published several comprehensive timelines including Deadliest Workplace Accidents, U.S. Foreign Aid, and Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement. But enough about what I liked! Let's get to the content that our users flocked to the most.


Your Favorite American Experience Programs

Last week on our series Facebook page you told us

"My favorite American Experience program is ______."

Not only did we get an unbelievable number of responses, our fans named 77 different shows as their favorites! Here are the top 10:



We've Gone Mobile!

You may have noticed a change, if you have looked at the American Experience website from your mobile device recently. A few weeks ago we launched our mobile-friendly website in an effort to keep our users from having to squint till their heads hurt just to read some text, among other things.


Remembering Pearl Harbor

It seems for every generation there is one event that changes the course of history. It's the day that people begin stories about with, "I remember where I was when..."

September 11, 2001January 28, 1986 or November 22, 1963 are just some of those days we stop, reflect and remember.



Presidential Perspectives

While history doesn't exactly repeat itself, it certainly does echo. Today's presidential candidates face tough questions about many of the same issues that past presidents faced-- a struggling economy, foreign wars, honesty. Starting this week, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE will roll out a series of video clips on social media that look at how past presidents dealt with some of the important issues of the 2012 election.

Stay tuned each Wednesday for the announcement of a new themed collection of video clips on our Facebook page, selected from our acclaimed collection of Presidential biographies.