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Choose Your Favorite Clinton Interview

Are you getting excited for our upcoming documentary on Clinton? AMERICAN EXPERIENCE certainly is.

Director Barak Goodman's team got remarkable access to some of the people who knew Clinton best, from people who knew him in Arkansas to people who were with him in the White House. These are the people who saw him rise and fall and rise again. Goodman talked to people from both sides of the story - his supporters and detractors. The list includes people like Kofi Annan, Dee Dee Myers, and Ken Starr, and journalists Jonathan Alter, Christiane Amanpour, and James Carville.

The AMERICAN EXPERIENCE web team wants to make some of the transcripts of these original interviews available to you. But whom should we choose? We thought we would let you decide whose interview transcript you would like to read!

Starting today, every Thursday for five weeks we will post the question on our Facebook page: "Whose interview do you want to read?" Below the question we will offer a unique list of 10 of the interviewees, and ask you to place your vote for one of those 10. After 24 hours, we will see whoever has received the most votes on Facebook, and we will publish that person's interview transcript on our website the following week.

Enjoy these exclusive interviews, and don't forget to vote!

The list of participants in the film is also posted on our website.


Tory Starr is a Production Assistant for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. 

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