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Gettysburg Address @ 150

Calling all history buffs: We need your help this week -- and your videos! This month marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's delivery of the Gettysburg Address. Help us honor the occasion by sending us a video of you, your students, or your child reciting the Address. We need your videos by NEXT WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13!! If your video is selected, it will be one of many featured on the American Experience website and social media sites. 

Here's what we need:

 -- Videos of individuals or groups reciting all or part of the Gettysburg Address. We'd love it if you have the whole Address memorized, but we know that's a tall order. So fee free to stop and start, or to send us a video of you reciting just part of it. 
-- We expect most people will be filming on their smart phones -- that's great! Just be sure that you're in a quiet space where we can clearly hear the audio.
-- Videos should be shot HORIZONTALLY.
-- People on camera should be centered in the frame, fairly close up (from the chest up,) and looking at the camera.
-- Videos should be submitted as .mov files, if possible. (If you don't know what kind of file you have, send it to us anyway! We'll figure it out.)

Submit your video via email to with the subject line Gettysburg Address. In the email, be sure to include your first and last name and the first and last names of anyone who appears in the video. Attach your .mov file to the email.

We can't wait to get your videos! Remember, the deadline is NEXT WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13!

IMPORTANT! Terms and Conditions:
By submitting your video: (1) You acknowledge and agree that PBS and WGBH may use your video and your name and  likeness in connection with this project, including on their websites, third party sites, and social media; and (2) You represent and warrant that you have obtained permission for such use from everyone featured in your video, and you have read and will abide by PBS's term of use and WGBH's Terms of Use All submissions become the property of WGBH and are not returnable.

Note: American Experience is no longer accepting Gettysburg Address videos, but you can still submit your video to the Ken Burns "Learn the Address" project.

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