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Pin Drive Contest

Got old photos? Win our Pin Drive Contest by putting them on our Abolitionist Map of America for a free Abolitionists DVD!

Michael Dobbs on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Author and Journalist Michael Dobbs spoke with American Experience about the Cuban missile crisis, which began 50 years ago today, for our upcoming biography of JFK. Read his quotes about what President Kennedy knew and didn't know as the crisis unfolded.

The Abolitionists - Coming in 2013

Watch a preview of The Abolitionists, coming February 2013 - the story of abolitionist allies Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown and Angelina Grimké who turned a fringe movement against slavery into a force that changed a nation.

The Season in Review

Our editor Glenn created this video for PBS' Annual Meeting, held May 14 this year in Denver. When we were there, we wanted to show off some of our successes from last year and get people excited about what's to come next year. Now, we can't show you anything for next year quite yet, (check back with us in a couple of months!) but here's our minute-long recap from last season.

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All Things Clinton

Starting today, you can watch Chapter 1 of Clinton on the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE website, or you can watch the entire first hour on the PBS app, available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can also download the first hour for free on iTunes this week.

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This Season on American Experience

Watch a short video about our 2012 shows, with a message from Executive Producer Mark Samels. We hope you enjoy our upcoming season, which kicks off with our "Wild West Collection" on your local PBS station January 10 at 9/8C. 

January 10, 9pm: Billy the Kid
January 17, 8pm: Custer's Last Stand
February 7, 8pm: Freedom Riders (repeat)
February 14, 8pm: Tupperware! (repeat)
February 20, 9pm: Clinton, Part 1
February 21, 8pm: Clinton, Part 2
February 28, 8pm: The Amish
March 20, 8pm: Into the Deep (repeat)
March 27, 9pm: Triangle Fire (repeat)
April 3, 8pm: Grand Coulee Dam
April 3. 9:30pm: Panama Canal (repeat)
April 17, 9pm: Hoover Dam (repeat)
April 24, 8pm: Crash of 1929 (repeat)
May 1, 8pm: Jesse Owens