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Fan Favorites from Seasons 24 & 25

Last week we asked our fans on Facebook and Twitter what has been your favorite AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film over the past two seasons. You gave us a great response, and we would like to share the results. Many of the films are streaming for free on our website, so if you have not had the chance to see some of the films listed below, you never know -- you may soon have a new favorite!

This Winter on American Experience

Watch a short video about our upcoming Winter shows, with a message from Executive Producer Mark Samels. We hope you enjoy our upcoming Winter schedule, which kicks off with "The Abolitionists" on your local PBS station as a three night event January 8, 15, and 22 at 9/8C. 

Jan 8, 9pm: The Abolitionists, Part 1
Jan 15, 9pm: The Abolitionists, Part 2
Jan 22, 9pm: The Abolitionists, Part 3
Jan 29, 9pm: Henry Ford
Feb 5, 9pm: Andrew Carnegie (repeat)
Feb 12, 8pm: John D. Rockefeller (repeat)
Feb 19, 8pm: Silicon Valley

Pin Drive Contest

Got old photos? Win our Pin Drive Contest by putting them on our Abolitionist Map of America for a free Abolitionists DVD!

The Season in Review

Our editor Glenn created this video for PBS' Annual Meeting, held May 14 this year in Denver. When we were there, we wanted to show off some of our successes from last year and get people excited about what's to come next year. Now, we can't show you anything for next year quite yet, (check back with us in a couple of months!) but here's our minute-long recap from last season.

Watch the video

2011 Wild West Headlines

Throughout this year, our staff at AMERICAN EXPERIENCE kept seeing the subjects of our January 2012 Wild West Collection cropping up in the news. The headlines were a constant reminder that stories of characters like Billy the Kid and George Custer continue to resonate today. Check out some of the headlines below that made us look forward to programs coming up in 2012... 


Your Favorite American Experience Programs

Last week on our series Facebook page you told us

"My favorite American Experience program is ______."

Not only did we get an unbelievable number of responses, our fans named 77 different shows as their favorites! Here are the top 10: