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  • The Casual Excellence of Ella Fitzgerald poster image Article
    Feature | Article

    The Casual Excellence of Ella Fitzgerald

    By challenging conventional links between black women’s lives and their art, Ella Fitzgerald made space for imagination, virtuosity, and play — for a performance tradition that was as much about one’s feeling for music as it was about one’s feeling for anything else.

  • “I Want You,” Remixed poster image Article
    The Great War | Article

    “I Want You,” Remixed

    The stern-faced poster of Uncle Sam demanding “I Want You,” shows no desire for quiet retirement; today the icon remains as recognizable and remixed as ever.

  • Scene Breakdown: The Socket poster image Behind the Scenes
    Command and Control | Behind the Scenes

    Scene Breakdown: The Socket

    Filmmaker Robert Kenner talks about filming inside of a decomissioned Titan II Missile complex in order to recreate a harrowing event from 1980.

  • How Can a Party Unite? poster image Video Gallery
    Feature | Video Gallery

    How Can a Party Unite?

    From passing a budget to selecting a presidential candidate, party unity is essential to getting work done. Explore the topic in this collection of short videos. 

  • The Presidents poster image
    The Presidents | Collection

    The Presidents

    In this award-winning collection, explore documentaries, biographies, interviews, articles, image galleries and more for an in-depth look at the history of the American presidency.

  • We Jumped Out poster image Clip
    Last Days in Vietnam | Clip

    We Jumped Out

    When a South Vietnamese helicopter was too large to land on the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Kirk, the family on board had to make a leap of faith.

  • The Chosin Few poster image Image Gallery
    The Battle of Chosin | Image Gallery

    The Chosin Few

    Those who fought in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir call themselves the “Chosin Few." Explore their portraits and stories.

  • Boston in the Early 1900s poster image Image Gallery
    The Race Underground | Image Gallery

    Boston in the Early 1900s

    What did Boston look like in the early 1900s? And how much has it changed? 

  • The Environment poster image
    The Environment | Collection

    The Environment

    Explore America's complicated relationship with the natural world, from our struggles to dominate nature to our attempts to understand and protect it.

  • Life After Oklahoma City poster image Article
    Oklahoma City | Article

    Life After Oklahoma City

    Rebecca Muniz was one of six children at the America’s Kids day-care center who survived the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Here, she discusses her life since the bombing. 

  • Who went to Disneyland? poster image Image Gallery
    Walt Disney | Image Gallery

    Who went to Disneyland?

    Ronald Reagan and Edward Kennedy were among Disneyland's famous early visitors. 

  • Goldsboro, 1961 poster image Article
    Command and Control | Article

    Goldsboro, 1961

    When all that stands between the world and nuclear disaster is the flip of a switch.

  • Not a New Revolution poster image Article
    Oklahoma City | Article

    Not a New Revolution

    The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a product of a radical antigovernment movement with deep roots in our country’s peculiar history and culture.

  • Ripley's Mail poster image Image Gallery
    Ripley: Believe It or Not | Image Gallery

    Ripley's Mail

    It is said that Robert Ripley holds the record for the most mail received by a single person in U.S. history.

  • Retro Report poster image
    Retro Report | Collection

    Retro Report

    American Experience partners with Retro Report—a news organization dedicated to examining stories after their headlines fade—to connect the dots between past and present.