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  • The Casual Excellence of Ella Fitzgerald poster image Article

    The Casual Excellence of Ella Fitzgerald

    By challenging conventional links between black women’s lives and their art, Ella Fitzgerald made space for imagination, virtuosity, and play — for a performance tradition that was as much about one’s feeling for music as it was about one’s feeling for anything else.

  • “I Want You,” Remixed poster image Article
    The Great War | Article

    “I Want You,” Remixed

    The stern-faced poster of Uncle Sam demanding “I Want You,” shows no desire for quiet retirement; today the icon remains as recognizable and remixed as ever.

  • Scene Breakdown: The Socket poster image Behind the Scenes
    Command and Control | Behind the Scenes

    Scene Breakdown: The Socket

    Filmmaker Robert Kenner talks about filming inside of a decomissioned Titan II Missile complex in order to recreate a harrowing event from 1980.

  • How Can a Party Unite? poster image Video Gallery
    Video Gallery

    How Can a Party Unite?

    From passing a budget to selecting a presidential candidate, party unity is essential to getting work done. Explore the topic in this collection of short videos. 

  • The Presidents poster image

    The Presidents

    In this award-winning collection, explore documentaries, biographies, interviews, articles, image galleries and more for an in-depth look at the history of the American presidency.

  • We Jumped Out poster image Clip
    Last Days in Vietnam | Clip

    We Jumped Out

    When a South Vietnamese helicopter was too large to land on the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Kirk, the family on board had to make a leap of faith.

  • The Chosin Few poster image Image Gallery
    The Battle of Chosin | Image Gallery

    The Chosin Few

    Those who fought in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir call themselves the “Chosin Few." Explore their portraits and stories.

  • Boston in the Early 1900s poster image Image Gallery
    The Race Underground | Image Gallery

    Boston in the Early 1900s

    What did Boston look like in the early 1900s? And how much has it changed? 

  • The Environment poster image

    The Environment

    Explore America's complicated relationship with the natural world, from our struggles to dominate nature to our attempts to understand and protect it.

  • Life After Oklahoma City poster image Article
    Oklahoma City | Article

    Life After Oklahoma City

    Rebecca Muniz was one of six children at the America’s Kids day-care center who survived the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Here, she discusses her life since the bombing. 

  • Who went to Disneyland? poster image Image Gallery
    Walt Disney | Image Gallery

    Who went to Disneyland?

    Ronald Reagan and Edward Kennedy were among Disneyland's famous early visitors. 

  • Goldsboro, 1961 poster image Article
    Command and Control | Article

    Goldsboro, 1961

    When all that stands between the world and nuclear disaster is the flip of a switch.

  • Not a New Revolution poster image Article
    Oklahoma City | Article

    Not a New Revolution

    The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a product of a radical antigovernment movement with deep roots in our country’s peculiar history and culture.

  • Ripley's Mail poster image Image Gallery
    Ripley: Believe It or Not | Image Gallery

    Ripley's Mail

    It is said that Robert Ripley holds the record for the most mail received by a single person in U.S. history.

  • Retro Report poster image

    Retro Report

    American Experience partners with Retro Report—a news organization dedicated to examining stories after their headlines fade—to connect the dots between past and present.