For The Amish

Written, Produced and Directed by
David Belton

Produced by
Callie T. Wiser

Edited by
Chyld King

Cinematography by
Tim Cragg

Associate Producer
Elizabeth Shea

Original Music by
Saunder Jurriaans and Daniel Bensi

Production Assistant
Chris Cuffe

Production Sound Mixer
John D. Gooch

Additional Camera
Ben McCoy
Allen Moore
Kat Patterson
Andrew Young

Additional Sound
Jeffrey Archer
Steve Bores
Steven M. Guercio
Drew T. Levinson
Tom Levy

Assistant Editors
Nikki Bramley
Shady Hartshorne
Lee Pacheco

Photo Animation
Alisa Placas Frutman
Aaron D. Nee

On-Line Editor and Colorist
Owen Williams

Color Correction and Mastering
Locomotive, Boston

Visual Effects
Brickyard VFX
Gina Dowling
Sean McLean

Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer
Coll Anderson M.P.S.E

Sound Efx Editor
Matthew Snedecor

Assistant Sound Editor
John Chiarolanzio

Program Consultant
Donald B. Kraybill

Additional Academic Advisor
Steven M. Nolt

Music Licensing
Cathy Carapella

Johanna Kovitz
Leslie Strain

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Special Thanks
The many Amish who spent time with us
Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center, Berlin, Ohio
James Cates, Amish Youth Vision Project
Joel Cliff, PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau
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Senior Producer
Sarah Colt

The Amish Signature Image: Courtesy WGBH/Tim Cragg


Post Production
Vanessa Ezersky
Glenn Fukushima

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-Line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Joel Goodman

Molly Jacobs
Tory Starr

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Jay Fialkov
Janice Flood
Scott Kardel

Project Administration
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Lauren Noyes

Marketing & Publicity
Mary Lugo
Cara White

Project Manager
Lauren Prestileo

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Producer
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

A Sarah Colt Productions film for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

American Experience is a production of WGBH, which is solely responsible for its content.
(c) 2012
All rights reserved

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