For The Donner Party

Written and Directed by
Ric Burns

Produced by
Lisa Ades
Ric Burns

Edited by
Bruce Shaw

Narrated by
David McCullough

J.D. Cannon
Timothy Hutton
Gene Jones
Amy Madigan
Donal McCann
George Plimpton
Paul Roebling
Lois Smith
Frances Sternhagen
Eli Wallach

Buddy Squires
Allen Moore

Associate Producer
Matthew Butcher

Assistant Editor
Edward Barteski, Jr.

Sound Editor
Ira Spiegel

Senior Creative Consultants
Richard Snow
Geoffrey Ward

Thomas Andrews
Donald Buck
Donald L. Hardesty
Thomas H. Hunt
Joseph A. King
Merrill J. Mattes
Patricia Nelson Limerick
Richard Rhoads
Max Rudin
Wallace Stegner

Original Music Composed and Arranged by
Brian Keane

Sound Recording
Steve Longstreth
Roger Sherman
Buddy Squires

Assistant Sound Editor
Edward Barteski, Jr.

Apprentice Editor
Christopher White

Re-recording Mixer
Lee Dichter, Sound One Corporation

Voice-over Recording
Lou Verrico, A&J Recording Studios, Sound Dimensions

Music Mixing Engineer
Ron Bach

Animation Photography
George Davis, Eighth Frame Camera

Map Animation
Balsmeyer & Everett

Negative Matching
Noelle Penrat

Title Design
Jim Madden, Asterisk

Titles and Opticals
John Alagna, The Effects House

Optical Effects
John E. Allen, Inc., Cinema Arts, Inc.

Color Timing
Dave Pultz, Du Art Film Labs

Film to Tape Transfer
John J. Dowdell, III, The Tape House

Chet Bridgeman
Norman Cohen

Guitar and Synthesizers – Brian Keane
Banjo – Eric Weissberg
Piano – John Boswell
Fiddle – Kenneth Kosek
Harmonica – William Galison

Main Theme Music

“Dark Spanish Symphony”
Composed by Angelo Badalamenti
Courtesy of Polygram Music and MCA Music

Additional Pre-Recorded Music
“The White Arcades”
“Children on the Hill”
“Algebra of Darkness”
Composed and performed by Harold Budd
Courtesy of Upala Music, Inc. and Warner Bros. Records by arrangement with Warner Special Products

“A Strange Day in the Countryside”
Performed by Clannad
From their album Crann Ull
Courtesy of Tara Records

“Fear and Loathing at 4th and Butternut”
Performed by John Fahey
courtesy of Varrick/Rounder Records

“White Cockade”
Performed by The Village Green
Courtesy of North Star Records

Archival Material
Special thanks to the Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

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Special thanks to
Angelo Badalamenti
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Mike Brown
Donner Memorial State Park
Ellie Huggins
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Michael Kantor
National Frontier Trails Center
Oregon-California Trails Association
Michael Tucker


Post Production
Vanessa Ezersky
Glenn Fukushima
Greg Shea

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

Online Editors
Spencer Gentry
Mark Steele

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Associate Producer, Web
Molly Jacobs

Jay Fialkov
Janice Flood
Maureen Jordan
Scott Kardel

Project Administration
Kelsey Dorwart
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano

Marketing and Communications
Sean Cleary
Jen Holmes
Patrick Ramirez

Project Manager
Lauren Prestileo

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Producer
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

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