For Ulysses S. Grant - Part One

Directed by
Adriana Bosch

Edited by
Jon Neuburger

Associate Producers
David Condon
Kathy White 

Production Coordinator
Sandra Haller

Terry Hopkins
Buddy Squires 
Boyd Estus

Music by
Michael Whalen 

Liev Schreiber

Production Manager
Susan Chalifoux

Art Director
Katha Seidman

Assistant Camera
Dick Williams
Joe Christofori
Mary Anne Janke
Patrick Kelly
William McCullough 
Anthony Savini

Dick Williams
John Cameron 
Roger Phenix 
Mark Roy

Sound Editor
Geoffrey Birmingham

Sound Mix
Heart Punch Studio

On-Line Editor
Medallion -- PFA Film & Video

Narration Record
The Audio Department, Inc.

Still Photo Animation
The Frame Shop

Photo Restoration
Kingpin Productions
Heidi Wormser/Magic Box Studio

Grant as a child: Alex Ingram 
Julia Dent: Janine Jacques 
Grant on horseback: John Jacques 
Grant: Harry Bulkeley, Derek Nelson

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Production Coordinator
Jill Giles

Photographic Consultant
James A. Bultema

Archival Research
Sandra Haller
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Additional Music
"Louisville March"
Arranged by J. Schatzman. Cincinnati: W. C. Peters & Son

"Dixie and the Bonnie Blue Flag"
Edited by Robert Downing and C. A. Porter III

"The President's March"
Published 1793, Music: Philip Phile
Performed by The Chestnut Brass Company
Courtesy of Sony Classical

"Freischutz Quickstep"
Performed by Frederick Fennell and The Eastman Wind Ensemble
Courtesy of Mercury Living Presence

Eric Foner
Robert L. Harris, Jr.
William S. McFeely
James M. McPherson
Donald L. Miller
John Y. Simon
Brooks D. Simpson

Program Executive Producer
Elizabeth Deane

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Alison Kennedy

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Spencer Gentry

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John Jenkins

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Nancy Sherman

Molly Jacobs
Tory Starr

Jay Fialkov
Janice Flood
Maureen Jordan
Scott Kardel

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Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Lauren Noyes

Project Manager
Lauren Prestileo

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

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Susan Mottau

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Paul Taylor

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Susan Bellows

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