For the Lobotomist

Produced and Directed by
Barak Goodman and John Maggio

Written by
Barak Goodman

Edited by
R. A. Fedde

Associate Produced by
Kate Walker

Additional Editing by
John Maggio

Cinematography by
Stephen McCarthy

Music by
Edward Bilous

Senior Consultant
Jack El-Hai

Narrated by
Campbell Scott

Additional Music by
Greg Kalember

Art Direction
Kate Walker

Additional Camera
John Chater
Buddy Squires

Graphics and Animation
R. A. Fedde

Visual Effects
Yorgo Alexopoulos, YA Multimedia

Sound Editor & Mixer
Richard Fairbanks

Additional Music by
Gary Lionelli

Doug Dunderdale
Joe Maggio
Paul Rusnak

Camera Assistant
Mary Ann Janke
Chris Teague

Wally Argo
Michael O'Leary
Benjamin Salley

Ned Hallick

Production Assistants
Brandon Baur
Travis Breitenbach
Kristine Ekman
Mike McClelland
Julia Landau

Assistant Editor
Elyse Hughes

Voice of Dr. Freeman
Lee Wilkof

Family members' voices
Clint Jordan
Joanna Merlin

On camera actors
Richard Biermann
Veronica James
Carl Nubile


Production music provided by APM Music LLC

Special Thanks
Mary Babiarz
Stephen Burke
Barbara Dully
Howard Dully
Janice Ek
Angelene Forester
James Franco
Franklin Freeman
Paul Freeman
Walter Freeman III
Linda Grant
Robert Hager
Sallie Ellen Ionesco
Christine Hamilton Johnson
Dr. Surya Kanhouwa
Emma Ketteringham
Jennifer King
Bob Kolb
Robert Lichtenstein, MD
Julius McLeod
Leslie McPartland
Tom McPartland
Joe Mendillo
Richard Mereand
Harry Merliss, MD
Arnold Moss
Carl Nubile
Chris Payne
Chief Savannis A. Peoples
Dr. Jogues Prandoni
Andy Scull
Edward Shorter
Lyle Slovick
Jerry Starpoli
Garrett Swain, MD
Janice Thomson
DeWitt Thomson
Elliot Valenstein
Blair, Michael, & Kenn Walker
Robert Whitaker

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Based, in part, on the book 'The Lobotomist' by Jack El-Hai

For American Experience

Post Production
Vanessa Ezersky
Glenn Fukushima
Greg Shea

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

Online Editors
Spencer Gentry
Mark Steele

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Molly Jacobs

Jay Fialkov
Janice Flood
Maureen Jordan
Scott Kardel

Project Administration
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Tory Starr

Marketing and Communications
Sean Cleary
Jen Holmes
Patrick Ramirez

Project Manager
Lauren Prestileo

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Producer
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

An Ark Media film for American Experience

©2008 WGBH Educational Foundation


The production team would like to acknowledge Jack El-Hai's book The Lobotomist. Consult the further reading page for a list of more books and Web sites related to the program The Lobotomist.

A number of people appeared on-camera or acted as advisors and are listed below. 

On-camera interview subjects

Howard Dully, former patient
Jack El-Hai, writer
Angelene Forester, daughter of a former patient
Franklin Freeman, son of Walter Freeman
Walter Freeman III, son of Walter Freeman
Christine Johnson, granddaughter of a former patient
Janice Jones-Thomson, daughter of a former patient
Robert Lichtenstein, M.D., neurosurgeon
Julius McLeod, former hospital aide
Leslie Jones McPartland, daughter of a former patient
Harry Merliss, M.D., former student of Walter Freeman
Andrew Scull, professor of sociology
Edward Shorter, medical historian
Garrett Swain, M.D., former student of Walter Freeman
Elliot S. Valenstein, professor of neuroscience
Robert Whitaker, writer

Senior Consultant
Jack El-Hai

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